TomatoWorld - Piacenza Expo
28 April 2017
28 April 2017
Tomato World, the conference dedicated to the professional system of industrial tomatoes, will be organized by Piacenza Expo from 30 November to 1 December, 2017.
Traditionally Tomato World is as a meeting point where the exhibition takes stock of the future scenarios.
In the two opening days, conferences and technical meetings will take place, dealing with this strategic sector which wants to represent, including through the tomato district  of Northern Italy, an important and characteristic production of our land, for a comprehensive approach.
The exhibition is developed in order to engage the participants, both in moments of reflection about the economic and political outlook , and in opportunities of technical updating.
The topics covered  will focus on the economic dynamics of the sector, on the new outlet markets, on the technology innovation and cultivation techniques that can produce economies of scale and qualitative added value.
Besides, Tomato World has always been a meeting point between suppliers of product and technologies and professionals.
Some side events will promote, together with the conference program appointments, ideas about the correct nutrition. The theme of the planet nutrition finds in this cultivation a universal reading tool that fits in a sustainable  way to produce and a correct utilization of the product  processed in the food traditions.
Since the first edition, organized by Piacenza Expo in the 2002, Tomato World has established itself as the main Italian event of the whole professional system of industrial tomatoes, showcase of functional technologies to the production and commercial development of the field. Tomato world prides itself on the Ministry of Agriculture patronage.
The promotional program will involve the principal media of the sector and will make use of a communication campaign addressed to technicians,  professionals, farmers, buyers, researchers and the principal processing companies.
To the firms, associations and realities of the agro-industrial sector, the forum also reserves an exhibiting opportunity. In fact, some exhibiting desks have been created, with the aim to offer to companies the chance to take advantage of this highly visible moment. We expect about 30 exhibitors and 1500 professional visitors.